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Rybinski Engineering. We are on point.

Rybinski Engineering is a client-focused engineering firm that thrives on our clients' high expectations. The firm was formed in Fall 2012 and is backed by a team with more than 50 years in the engineering consulting field. We are traffic engineers with a passion for planning! Our team has the knowledge and experience to plan, engineer and facilitate a variety of transportation assignments.

The firm's values are inspired by those of founder Holly Rybinski. We actively draw on our diverse experiences, focus on our core technical strengths, apply our dogged endurance for hard work and navigate the most complex of transportation projects to keep teams "on point." We emphasize both quality of work and quality of life, and enjoy a unique virtual office environment that promotes both. As traffic engineers, we are proud to minimize our own impacts on traffic!

Our firm is an effective complement to a variety of teams. We provide a special value to projects that receive United States Department of Transportation financial assistance, as regulations call for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation. We are a certified woman-owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.